BitGems: Fun and Valuable

Best Innovation on BlockChain

The one and only Dapp you can make money.

Perfect Combination of Mobile and BlockChainTurn your MOBILE into MINER, to make profits for you 24 hours a day!

Smart Contract

Nobody can intervene in value exchange process

Storing in Chain

Guarantee the user privacy and data security

LBS Smart Contract

Play to the advantages of mobile and dig up global values

Download and operating your BitGemsRun your Gems Miner to earn money

Miner running does not consume electricity nor use network data. It adopts Proof of Task (POT) consensus mechanism for on-hook mining. The generated yield will be reflected on digital wallet in the real time for cash withdrawal at any time

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Interesting and create values Hundreds of interesting mining tasks everyday

Based on the features of mobile, BitGems can perfectly combine user value with commerce by BlockChain. The gamificated value creation will make users more inclined to accept it.

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Establish mobile BlockChain ecological value systemEach person is the node and each device can create values

It takes advantage of the decentralization of BlockChain, so that each mobile node does not have to trust each other and each node can dig up their values maximally, so as to make the entire network gain maximal revenues.

The DAPP based on Ethereum is always the key point that we focus on. BitGems perfectly combines Ethereum with traditional Internet. It is an epoch-making product.

Sue Price, CEO Confluence

The rapid development of mobile cash withdrawal industry encounters bottleneck. We expect more developers could use block chain technology to design products, and BitGems will be a leading star.

Leila Saunders, Google

The users, manufacturers and channels are always the ecological fundamentals of the Internet. BitGems combines the revenues of the three together, which will bring more possibilities to the industry

Ruby Warner, Warner Sisters

BitGems brings actual revenues for users

The total quantity of BTC is limited. The earlier that you start your miner, the more obvious your advantages will be

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Download and operate BitGems to become a member in the block chain and enjoy the lucrative profits brought by science and technology!

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